Dustin Langely just launched (June 1st, 2020) his brand new advertising and earnings matrix program... My ETH Daily (MED).

MED has combined the daily subscription model, the 2 up model and the stair step matrix and put them all into one easy to follow program.


​You will receive a 3x10 matrix position that comes with banner and text ad credits just for joining at no cost.

​You don't only earn down 10 levels of each of your own positions... no matter who refers them (spillover and spillunder).
But on top of that, when you refer others, you also earn a 100% matching bonus on their earnings.

​You can also purchase a one-time pay subscription (sub) that gives you a new matrix position every single day for 150 days. 
You will also get banner and text ad credits each day and a total of 150 positions in the 3x10 matrix for only 0.045 ETH ($10).
You can purchase as many subs you want.

In addition there are a 2 up model and a stair step matrix as well combined within the subscription plan

(see video below for a better understanding of this).

It's not complicated, all you have to do is to purchase sub(s) and sponsor a few people (at least 3 is recommended).

Then teach them to do the same thing.

From then on the system does all the work for you.

You will earn Ethereum on a daily basis.

​Deposit options: Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin
Withdrawal option: Ethereum​

Compensation Plan Overview

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