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  • Compound your earnings to earn more on daily basis

  • No work required in order to earn (sponsoring or surfing)

  • You will start making money within 2 business days 100% GUARANTEED!!!

  • Bitcoin accepted for deposits and withdrawals

Presentation (PDF) for more information:


Frequent Questions (PDF):




Based out of Spain and headed by a brilliant CEO (Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo), a well respected local celebrity, who rose to fame back in the 90's. A multifaceted and talented problem solver who has a history of finding profitable solutions in difficult markets. He achieved great success where most have failed. He is a famous Spanish entrepreneur. He has been a music producer, film director, radio host, television host, casino player and even bullfighter's agent.  In the nineties, he gained tremendous fame for having beaten the casinos with his roulette system. The story of which was taken to movie theaters with the film «The Pelayos». He has also written several books on betting, «The fabulous story of Los Pelayos», «Learn to play poker with Los Pelayos» and «Bet to win». He dedicated his life to the development of winning systems and has gained economic advantages in environments where nobody had previously earned money. After winning at casinos, pools, poker, and sports betting, he has been able to find a way to make crypto-assets profitable. With all his incredible knowledge and experience, together with a team of experts, he has developed Mind Capital and made crypto profits accessible to everyone!


Product of the company is a software that utilizes a system of trading called "arbitrage". The proprietary software is used to trade funds in various Cryptocurrency and Forex exchanges 24 hours 5 days a week.
The Arbitrage software works with absolute minimal risk and only enters trades where profits are GUARANTEED, no matter how small or big they maybe. More on arbitrage and how it works later.
All that is required for anyone to make money with the company is to join their fund pool. Company makes money and so do you. If it does not make money, neither do you. The most important point to be noted is that you do not lose any money and your deposit is never at risk at any given time. However, the company did not go through all this trouble to not make any money for itself and its investors. Launched Jan 11th 2020, and rigorously tested in private launch for a few months prior, we have averaged daily profits of more than 1.1% (highest was around 1.5% and lowest trading day was of 0.75%).
65% of all profits generated is shared with partner investors DAILY!! (That’s 15%-18% net profits on investments per month.)
35% is kept by the company out of which almost 85% is kept for network improvement, commissions and referral bonuses.


In simple terms, arbitrage is the process of buying a product in one market (exchange) and selling the same product in a different market for a higher price.
Arbitrage is different from conventional trading and carries very little to no risk. Although conventional trading can be highly profitable for skilled professionals, it is extremely risky. In fact the best and the most successful traders are estimated to have a win ratio of about 50%-60%, while 90% of most traders lose their capital in a few months.
So what makes arbitrage less risky? You enter a trade only and only if you see a guaranteed profit(no matter how small). This involves simultaneous trading in 2 or more markets, in order to realize gains. It also means you need to have access to larger amount of funds for a small but guaranteed(risk free) profit. Let me illustrate using a simple example:
In Exchange 1 BTC/USD is currently trading at $6500
In Exchange 2 BTC/USD is currently trading at $6600
You initiate selling BTC in Exchange 2 while buying BTC in Exchange 1 at the same time and get a small profit when it’s completed.
This seems simple but is actually difficult to successfully manage as there are trading, withdrawal and deposit fees involved and you need to have large amounts of both BTC and USD already sitting in both exchanges in order to take advantage of any buying or selling opportunity. The difficulty intensifies when there are multiple pairs and multiple exchanges involved and the amount of required funds is also multiplied. At this point it’s not hard to see that manual monitoring of various trade pairs and exchanges is almost impossible and for this purpose bots are used.
Bots are just programming algorithms that constantly monitor and execute trades automatically(based on predefined criteria and mathematical instructions). Company takes one step further and not only trades Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-fiat but also fiat-fiat pairs in Forex markets. Here is an example:
Bot spots a profit, sells BTC/USD, buys EURO/BTC , finally trades USD/EURO for a resultant gain of 1.5%(after trading and brokerage fees). Introducing this extra step through a proprietary system design, has allowed the company to have an edge over its competitors with increased opportunities translating into higher profitability!!

1. Arbitrage is a very low to no-risk method of trading.
2. Huge amount of funds is required at all times to have any significant and consistent gains.
3. More volatile the market, the more arbitrage opportunities it creates.
4. Our company is one of the first to efficiently combine the highly volatile Cryptocurrency market with the more stable FOREX market and shares maximum risk-free daily profits with its partners.
5. Approx. 30,000+ trades are performed daily by our bot!!


Simple steps to make money with this company:

1. Register (No cost).

2. Contribute a minimum of $40 (max up to $100,000).

3. Earn DAILY Profits (Approx 0.5% to 1.5% NET PAID DAILY!) (Approx 15%-18% NET MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME).

4. (Optional) Refer others who can benefit from daily income and earn extra from the company's earnings (Not off of the sponsor's). Detailed awesome referral plan can be referenced on the website and the PDF presentation in the top and bottom in this site.


1. As soon as you make your first contribution, you will start receiving daily profits within 2-3 days. Usually one day is needed to distribute all new deposits into various exchanges, next day is used for trading and profits are distributed the following day.

2. All daily profits are calculated in USD (an internal USD equivalent cryptocurrency called MCcoin is used for this purpose).

3. Currently deposits are only done through BTC but soon VISA and MasterCard will be accepted.

4. Withdrawals are only in BTC and are instant and On Demand.

5. You can withdraw as soon as the profit balance reaches $50.

6. Compounding which is a very powerful feature to increase earnings, can be done in batches of $100 (meaning as soon as you accumulate $100 worth of profits, you can re-invest again to increase your fund share as well as daily profit shares).

7. Initial (principal) contribution to fund pool cannot be withdrawn before 90 days but profits can be withdrawn daily as long as its $50+.

8. Your principal deposit or contribution NEVER expires and you will keep collecting trading profits on it as long as it is in the system. It is like going into a partnership with the company. So why is there a lock-in period? Because your money is distributed into various exchange accounts involved in active trades and it is not possible to return it to you at a moments' notice without risking losses. After 90 days you are free to take it all out if you so wish.

9. We all require transparency, this company provides it. Once you sign up for FREE, you will be able to monitor partial trades in real time in the back office. Monthly technical ZOOM meetings are also held by the company to provide more insight into their trade activities.


The efficiency of the software depends on the total trading volume of the various Cryptocurrency markets (exchanges).

Total volume in combination with volatility, creates arbitrage opportunities.
In light of the current and near future growth of the cryptocurrency market, company has decided to cap the total number of deposits to around 10,000 BTC (this may vary based on market conditions).
What this means is that once total contributions reach this cap amount, new registrations as well as deposits may get closed and the company will continue to operate with existing members only.

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