Frank Hester just launched (May, 2020) his brand new advertising and earnings matrix program... Asimi Pros.

You will receive a matrix position that comes with banner and text ad credits just for joining at no cost.

​You don't only earn down 20 levels of each of your own positions... no matter who refers them (spillover and spillunder).
But on top of that, when you refer others, you also earn a 100% matching bonus on their earnings.

​You can also purchase a one-time pay subscription that gives you a new matrix position every single day for a year. 
You will also get banner and text ad credits each day and a total of 365 positions in the 2x20 matrix for only 100 Asimi ($7).
You can purchase as many subs you want.

​Deposit options: Asimi, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin
Withdrawal option: Asimi

You can buy and sell Asimi for USD or BTC

(see below for more information regarding this)

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What is Asimi?

Asimi (mean Silver in Greek) is a utility token created by Luke Millard from Hashing Ad Space

as a medium of exchange to pay for advertising services and receive earnings. 

It can be publicly traded on the decentralized Waves Exchange

(Waves is a top 100 token on CoinMarketCap)

Where can I buy or sell Asimi for USD or BTC?
You can buy or sell Asimi tokens 24/7 on the decentralized Waves Exchange

There are several detailed tutorial videos in the Asimi Pros members area

that will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to get Asimi as well as how to sell your Asimi.

Can I earn Asimi without buying Asimi first?
You can signup for a free account and receive a paid position in the 2x20 Team Forced Matrix for free.

You will be able to earn from your own effort, from your uplines effort (spillover) and from your downline (spillunder).
100% matching bonuses from your personally sponsored referrals (when they earn, you earn the same)

To be able to withdraw your earnings, you will need to have at least a single paid annual subscription.

What should I do to make success here?

Bring in atleast 2 people with your referral link and tell them to do the same.

This should be very easy do, specially when every new member gets a matrix position for free after signup.

Then purchase atleast 1 subscription yourself. This will help you and your team fill up the 2x20 matrix much faster.

Encourage your referrals to purchase atleast 1 subscription as well.

You can easily make alot of money by applying this simple strategy.


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